UCCS Scholarship Fund

“Power of One” strikes gold in CASE District V

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs asked me to develop a campaign idea and video encouraging smaller donors to engage and contribute to a scholarship program focused on helping lower and middle class students who live and work in the area.

Central Asia Institute: A docu-fundraiser

Every now and then we as creatives get to use our powers for good. And while I didn’t get to travel to Pakistan, I did get to spend a few days researching education in this part of the world, interviewing the journalist who made the trip and watching hours and hours of footage from remote regions of Pakistan– fascinating beyond belief.


Columbia University

This was part of a larger campaign to raise funds for a new athletic complex on the Manhattan campus. This was a great opportunity that helped further develop my research, interviewing and editing skills.



I’m just going to leave this here.

Confidentiality agreements….



In the first few months after 9/11, we were tasked by the Ad Council to remind people of the value and importance of our freedoms in this country. This is one of the first that made it out the door. Still feels somewhat relevant and possibly even needed today, although for different reasons.

Interesting times.